Jason Hanson, Farrier

In the equine industry, as a professional farrier, every once in a while I come across a product that truly works. Veterinary Preference is one of those products. Super easy to use and extremely effective. A must not only for professionals but horse owners as well. Everyone should keep Veterinary Preference on hand.


Nicole Baldridge Pilkington, Farrier

I am loving your Thrush & White Line Treatment. It’s application is easy and mess-free and it really seems to help the horses.

Taylor Keenan Farrier, Inc.

I am excited about the product because it is easy, efficient, and most importantly, effective! What more could a farrier/trainer/owner want?! There is no odor, very little (if any) staining or mess, and it does not harm the sensitive structures of the distal limb. I continue to look forward to combating thrush and/or white line disease in my clients’ feet with Veterinary Preferences products!

Taylor Keenan

Photos by Taylor Keenan

Brandi Roenick, 2011 North American Young Rider Dressage Championships Gold Medalist

Brandi Roenick, 2011 North American Young Rider Dressage Championships gold and sliver medalist

As you know, I recently returned from the North American Junior Young Rider Championships (NAJYRC) in Lexington, Kentucky. It was a phenomenal event and Pretty Lady and I had a great experience.

I could not be more excited with the outcome of the show. I was so happy with Lady’s performance and all the hours of training really paid off. I cannot take full credit for all this success without including you. Your vet care of all my horses has always been superior but your patience, love and support are equally outstanding and appreciated.

Thank you for providing such quality care to my horses, I truly believe you have played a huge part in keeping them sound, healthy and in excellent athletic shape. I also want to thank you for sending me the many text messages while I was in Kentucky. Your thoughts and encouragement went a long way and really helped to keep my spirits lifted.

I feel extremely blessed to have such an incredible vet but more importantly a friend and mentor.

Thank you again for your support. I could not have done any of this without you.


Bob Smith, Inductee into International Farriers Hall of Fame

Dr. Lacroix,

The samples of Veterinary Preference Thrush Treatment you gave me at the International Hoof Care Summit have been put to use with excellent results.

My school maintains the feet of over 125 horses at the Northern California Grace Foundation. The Grace Foundation is the largest equine rescue program in California. Because these horses have been impounded by animal control they suffer from a variety of neglect. My school donates the materials for all treatments to the horses feet.

Thrush is present in many of them and we have used traditional liquid treatments for thrush with big expense and little success. With the liquid treatment the volunteers either use too much or they don’t use any because they don’t want the mess. Once we introduced them to your product we have seen a remarkable reduction in the severity of thrush. The volunteer can apply the self-adhering pads to the sulci and allow the treatment to work all day without staining their hands or clothing. I am encouraging my students to sell and/or recommend your product.

Bob Smith, Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School

Chris Richardson

I’m a Farrier working in upstate New York. I found Veterinary Preference products at the International Hoof Care Summit in Cincinnati. As a farrier I see all sorts of products that say that they can fix thrush, for instance I used to be a believer in Thrushbuster. I used this stuff and used to tell my customer to buy and use it. I told them that they should reapply when the purple die wore off their fingers.

Veterinary Preference offers me a clean way of effectively treating thrush, white line and abscesses, etc. My hands aren’t purple anymore, my clients hoofs’ keep the medicated pads in for longer than a topical application would and the feet are healing! What’s your bottom line? Do you want a product that you can sell, you can make money from, or do you want one that works? Veterinary Preference works. I put it in, and give my clients enough for a weeks worth of medication (yes, I charge them for it so I make money too) and when I return in six weeks I see my thrush problems disappearing. Seriously, I get better feet to work on, and the horse gets better feet to walk on. If you have thrush or white line, get Veterinary Preference.

Chris Richardson

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